How to Prevent Burglaries and Car Prowls

The topic at the November 15 Broadview Community Council Meeting will be “How to Prevent Burdglaries and Car Prowls.” Although overall crime rates are down in Seattle, this year burglaries and car prowls have been on the increase in our neighborhood.  Especially disturbing are the daytime forced entry burglaries that have happened.  Car prowls (breaking into a car to steal contents) are also being reported by residents.

Be sure to attend the Tuesday, November 15, meeting of the Broadview Community Council to hear how you can prevent burglaries and
car prowls. Yes, there are ways you can prevent these crimes!  Terrie Johnston, Crime Prevention Coordinator at the North Precinct, will tell us about them.  If you are a block watch captain invite your neighbors.  Even if you don’t have a formal block watch, invite your neighbors!

Doors will open at 6:30 PM for information displays about crime prevention and a chance for you to meet and greet neighbors. The meeting presentation will start at 7:00 PM. The meeting is located at Luther Memorial Church, 13047 Greenwood Avenue N.


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  1. We need an action plan. Many of us have been burgled REPEATEDLY although we are equipped with alarms, deadbolts, reinforced doors and windows, dogs, etc. Other than quitting our jobs to stay home on guard – what can we do?

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