Oct. 18 Broadview Community Council Meeting : Funding Better, Safer Streets

Would you like better street pavement, sidewalks, and transit and bicycle facilities?  That’s what Seattle’s Proposition 1 is about.  At the next Broadview Community Council meeting on October 18 we will discuss the opportunity you have to bring them about via Proposition 1.

A couple years ago the State Legislature allowed local jurisdictions to create a Transportation Benefit District that can raise revenue for transportation, which Seattle did last year.  Now in response to the deteriorating conditions of our streets and the need to improve transit, pedestrian and bicycle facilities the Seattle City Council has proposed a $60 car tab fee, known as Proposition 1.  Voters will decide in the November election whether the funding proposed by Proposition 1 will be approved.

At the October 18 Broadview Community Council meeting a panel will discuss what the new car tab funding will be used for, and answer audience questions.  Come and hear about what you will get for your money.  The meeting is at Luther Memorial Church, 13247 Greenwood Ave. N, at 7:00 PM on Tuesday October 18, 2011.

2 Comments on “Oct. 18 Broadview Community Council Meeting : Funding Better, Safer Streets”

  1. I AM OPPOSED TO THIS FEE. It is outrageous to put that on the backs of poor and struggling working people. We are retired, and WE CANNOT AFFORD THAT PAYMENT ON TWO CARS. A smaller amount, yes. But $60 is way to much. I know younger people who are struggling so hard to just stay even, and can’t begin to afford another $60. Shame on whoever thought this one up.

  2. example of failure of government to set priorities and control their spending. Since when do basic services have to continually “re-financed”? 1st priority of city is supposed to be the safety of its’ citizens, don’t roads, bridges and sidewalks fall into that category? City budget does not even at this point show more police officers to replace the 40 that are eligible to retire and of course there is the sewer problem in the NW part of the city..Apparently it is more important to spend 18 Million to “study” steetcars to 1st hill idea via SLU. NO priorities or living within the 880 Million dollar city budget! I am disgusted!

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