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 The 2012 budget process begins, and we need to hear from you!, Council News Release, 9/26/11

 Designing a city budget is a mighty undertaking, one that requires considerable time, effort, the careful ordering of priorities and input from citizens.

Over the past three years, the Council has had to make difficult choices in order to balance the budget. Throughout this process, we have had two underlying principles: listening to residents and the continual improvement of the transparency and accessibility of the budget process.

Last year, the Council re-vamped the budget documents database, adding more documents and simplifying the online search and navigation features.  We also partnered with IdeaScale, an online discussion platform, and solicited new ideas for making our city even better.  This year, we’re expanding these features to encourage interest and participation in this process.

When it comes to community feedback, we’re again trying out new ideas. Earlier this year we held three Community Conversations on the human services, public safety and parks budgets. While we will continue to hold public hearings in the fall, our Community Conversations provided the opportunity for more in-depth, one-on-one budget conversations.  We look forward to continuing these conversations in the future.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas for making Seattle better.  I hope you will get a chance to explore this site and learn more about the City’s 2012 budget process, specific departments and how you can participate.

As I’ve often said – passing a budget is too important to leave to just a few. It takes a village and part of that village is you!

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