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Office of the Mayor

Yesterday, Mayor Mike McGinn posted a blog entry that we would like to share with you. We hope you enjoy the post (pasted below, and also available here).
On Monday, he will announce the 2012 budget, which includes $1.5 million for high capacity transit planning. That money will allow us to do planning work needed to get transit projects identified in the Transit Master Plan off the ground. That includes a rail line from Ballard and Fremont to downtown that could carry as many as 26,000 riders a day.
If you would like to attend one the mayor’s budget speeches on Monday, both are public events and you are encouraged to join us. Since space will be limited, please RSVP (or see more details).
We hope that in the coming weeks you may also join us in advocating for this transit funding; we’ll let you know how to participate and voice your support.

I hope that you can meet at City Hall to hear the Mayor’s Budget presentation.
Monday at 2 pm.
Regards, Richard

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