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Please take the time to open and read this blog on Aurora Avenue North.


 Feet First, folks, Lisa Quinn as leader, has supported all of our efforts to have complete streets in Broadview-Bitter Lake-Haller Lake for the last six years.
This article believes that we are UPDATING the 1999 plan that places Aurora Avenue North from 110th to 145th as the number one priority for emphatic change in the Bitter Lake Hub Urban Village.
Won’t Lisa and other pedestrian advocates be amazed if we do not insist upon Reengineering Aurora when we go the the Mayor and the Seattle City Councilmembers with our imaginative and comprehensive update of Vision 2020 for Broadview-Bitter Lake- Haller Lake?
Please comment at the end of the Blog. Reassure Lisa and Feet First that we are an emphatic group of advocates for Aurora Avenue North.
Warm Regards, Richard

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  1. I am a resident of Broadview and I work for the Aurora Merchants and spent much time working on the City’s North Aurora Plan. The City decided not to implement the North Aurora Plan because they had not completed a drainage plan. The City roughly estimated that it would cost about $60 million dollars to complete the drainage work, plus another 40 million for the sidewalks and street improvements.

    Given the needs of this area; Linden, Greenwood Aves and our sewer,drainage problems it would be irresponsible to ask the City for an additional $100 million for North Aurora.

    With all governments facing cutbacks, community groups need to focus on what is achievable. As someone who travels Greenwood everyday, this street from 115 to 145th needs a lot of work. The community must ensure that Linden is funded as well.

  2. I do not know where the 60 million for drainage estimates are in the North Aurora Corridor Plan.
    We have waited 57 years to be connected to Downtown by a safe and aesthetically pleasing Major Entrance to the Emerald City. The money has always been around. We are just not adept in obtaining it in the North and Northwest areas of Broadview-Bitter Lake-Haller Lake. We are left behind. We must constantly lay out the need for Equity. Equitable distribution of tax dollars for streets, parks, senior services and Rapid Ride Transit. Equity Delayed is Equity Denied.
    Richard L. Dyksterhuis
    Safe Passages for walkers, bikers,cyclists,autoists and for my little dog Pippa!

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