Garden work party this Saturday at Viewlands School

Please join Community Volunteers, the Broadview Garden Club and new school families tidy up the grounds prior near the entry and interior courtyard prior to the school’s re-opening this fall. We will be doing some weeding and spreading mulch. Many hands make light work!

Day/time: Saturday August 27, 9am to 12:00
Meet us near the main entrance, off 3rd NW or just down those steps into the courtyard.

Bring: gardening gloves, basic hand tools like shovels, trowels, clippers, weeder and rakes. Wheel barrows would help too. We welcome all, including older school age kids who can help a little! (No formal child care is available.) We plan to have some snacks/beverages for volunteers.

Background: Viewlands School is on 3rd NW between 105th and 107th, and re-opening on Sept. 7th after being closed for several years. It needs our TLC!. The District grounds crew have done some pruning and mowing, however they need help from the greater community to provide some detail weeding and make it welcoming.

ALSO: Please we are asking the community to lend or contribute some medium size pots with colorful annuals on the day before school, near the main entry, as a way we as a community can recognize the school’s re-awakening and make the first day of school bright and cheery for kids and teachers. We’d like to line the street by the entry with 10 or 20 pots for the first couple days of school. Please confirm if you can contribute a pot!

If you have questions or can contribute, please contact Viewsland Design team members helping with site design: Sue Jensen at (782-0232) or Jason Maderios at

Viewlands School needs your help Saturday August 27th

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