North Precinct Picnic Always an Opportunity for Learning, Networking, and Having a Good Time!

By Pat McCoy, President, Broadview Community Council

This was my second visit to our North Precinct’s annual event and I remembered to bring my camera. Thought it started at noon so I was among the first there. People came gradually to set up their tables and display their information. I was able to have a lengthy talk with Linda Spain, Program Manager for the Seattle Neighborhood Group. The mission of this group is to “…partner with residents, businesses, government agencies and other service providers to advocate for safe neighborhoods and develop strategies to create strong communities.”


Then along came our friend, Richard Dyksterhuis, with his huge stock of literature related to the Aurora Safety Project, and Will Murray, representing GAIN the Highland. They shared space with the Seattle Neighborhood Group. SPD had tables exhibiting safety literature and several other organizations were represented  including the Greater University Distri ct, Dunn Gardens (Gloria Butts), and the Licton Springs Community Council. In representing our Broadview Community Council, I decided to “meet and greet” people by walking through the event and taking pictures of the action.

Teri Johnston, our Crime Prevention Coordinator, was on site for answering inquiries and guided tours of the police station itself were offered. A raffle was held about each half hour. Will’s niece won a $25 dinner prize with a ticket she found on the sidewalk! There was on-site live music, all-you-can-eat hotdogs, chips, apples, and a variety of ice cream items served by officers, including our own Officer Dave Gordon (see photo below). City Council members Jean Godden and Tim Burgess were talking to attendees as well as Dean Willard, candidate for a seat on the Seattle Port Authority.


The event lasted until 4 p.m. It’s a great opportunity to circulate, ask questions, and learn about current issues. Will Murray represents our Broadview Community Council at all North Precinct Advisory Council meetings and introduced me to the Captain and members of our Community Police Team (CPT) including Sergeant Newsom who organizes the event every year.

This gorgeous member of SPD only answers to folks who talk to her in German but at least I got a good photo!

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