Unearthed Pieces of Aurora History

Our project at 130th and Aurora has been quite interesting.  Crews have unearthed pieces of Aurora history on nearly a daily basis.  Old signal and street name sign footings, survey benchmarks, and utilities have unexpectedly been found on site.  We have had to coordinate the removal of these features with WSDOT and other SDOT crews.  Because of these unforeseen issues, progress has been slower than expected.  However, our crews should complete the northwest corner of the intersection tomorrow and move on to the southeast corner late next week.  The northeast corner is already complete and the new pedestrian countdown signals have also been installed.  We’re just about ready to put an end to the Senior Shuffle once and for all. 

 Thanks for your help spreading the word about the Traffic Safety Project.  Discussing our effort to improve safety with the community is a key to the success of this project.  I can deliver a bag of materials to the Bitter Lake Senior Center today for your use.  Will that work for you?

 Thanks again,


Community Traffic Liaison

Seattle Department of Transportation

Traffic Management Division

700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3700

PO Box 34996

Seattle, WA 98124-4996



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