Updates on Broadview SPU Projects

Here is the latest about what we have been working on in Broadview related to reducing sewer backups and stormwater flooding, and helping to protect Piper’s Creek.

 Infiltration Reduction Pilot Project

 •           Project will inspect, clean and repair (if needed) both mainline sewer and residential side sewers, then grout them to prevent stormwater from infiltrating into the sewer system

•           If the pilot is successful, SPU may expand the areas in which we do this grouting

•           We held a meeting (April 27th) with pilot candidates (see LIST SERV message May 4th)

•           To date, 92% of the households in the pilot area have agreed to participate; work is expected to begin in June

 Backflow Prevention Program

 •           SPU has offered to purchase and install backflow prevention devices in some Broadview homes. 

•           We are meeting with potential candidates tonight (June 16th) and will send you a summary of the meeting via e-mail next week

•           Next we will survey homes of potential candidates to determine eligibility.

 Piper’s Creek Flow Control Plan

 •           We are studying changes to the watershed since the area was developed and exploring potential solutions to reduce run-off and increase creek capacity.

•           The plan aims to improve instream flow conditions and the projects developed from the plan would focus on the most effective methods and locations that would protect the creek and benefit the community.

 Venema Creek Natural Drainage System (Green Stormwater Infrastructure Project)

 •           Currently analyzing soil conditions in the area to ensure we have the best design for the area

•           Once technical analysis is understood, we will be sharing that information with the community and gathering input to inform project decisions.

 Broadview Sewer & Stormwater Improvements Long-Term Project

 •           Results from all the projects listed above will help to identify the best way to provide long-term improvements, which could involve expansion of the new programs, green stormwater infrastructure, traditional capital projects and a variety of integrated solutions

•           Contract for consultant support for this project is currently being finalized and we hope to have a contractor on board by September or soon after

•           SPU will be working with Broadview community members to assess options, and we plan to host a community meeting to gather your input this fall

 Thanks for helping us improve the sewer and drainage infrastructure in Broadview.  If you have questions or comments, please contact Celeste Duncan at (206) 684-8527 or mailto:celeste.duncan@seattle.gov

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