We’ve Got Your Back! Broadview Emergency Planning

About twenty Broadview residents interested in leadership for neighborhood public safety and emergency preparedness had a second meeting early May at the Bitter Lake Community Center. This group grew out of the well-attended Broadview Community Council meeting held in March, following the earth quake disaster in Japan.  Western Washington is similarly vulnerable to severe earthquakes and other large scale emergencies. The next group meeting is scheduled for June 13th, location to be determined.  For more information, you may contact Carl Leon at carl@wingrider.net

We are committed to being prepared and organized on three scales: personal, block wide and at a neighborhood scale to provide for ourselves and enable rescue and first aid operations until other assistance is available. We also recognize that some of our neighbors, especially the elderly, children and those with disabilities, could need extra assistance from neighbors, especially if parents and caregivers aren’t immediately available. By preparing ahead, we can reduce damage, suffering and panic, and provide communication channels.

At this meeting, we covered three main topics. Our big push to share information and coordinate block organization will be at or before the summer block parties on National Night Out, Tuesday in August, the 2nd. We hope each block will take advantage of this opportunity to plan an event and get your neighbors signed up for the Block Watch Program and discuss emergency preparedness.

Dale Johnson showed information on the notebook he provides and updates for his neighbors, which includes contact information, locations of gas and water shut-offs and organized neighborhood response teams. At our next meeting Dale will go into more detail on how to prepare block specific emergency plans and organize teams.

Another neighbor reported back on her research on several locally available pre-made kits.  Her conclusion was that we could build a more comprehensive kit at equal or less cost. She brought along her suggested kit which focused on first aid and rescue tools, and cost $80, not including food or water. The group is interested in buying items in bulk and assembling similar kits which could be purchased by individuals/households on a pre-order basis. More information will be forthcoming.

The emergency planning group originally focused on areas west of Greenwood, corresponding to the boundary for the  Broadview Block Watch Captains. Those who live in Broadview east of Greenwood can work with us or the GAIN the Highlands Group.  About half the blocks west of 3rd are represented in the BEP group to date. Contact Dale or Carl if you are interested in planning for your block. 

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  1. Being a newbie to this area, I’m curious as to why the focus was only on west of Greenwood. Also, I’d love to have a list of which specific blocks east of Greenwood have block captains. There is much work to be done in this area of our community. We will be seeking support for those who aren’t “at the table” at this point via our experts Dale and Carl. I believe there are many more residents east than west of Greenwood. We’ll check the census and be interested in how this initiative moves forward.

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