Bitter Lake P-Patch Work Party this Saturday

This Saturday, May 21st we will have our very first Work Party at the P-Patch site!!!  We will be working on moving several of the Alaska Cedars on the site from one location down to the far west edge of the property.  We need to take care of this so that we can be ready for a contractor to come do the major excavation of cut and fill to create our garden.

We would love to have your help Saturday.  We will meet at 10 AM at the site, which is on the North side of the Bitter Lake Reservoir Open Space near N. 143rd St. and Linden Ave. N.  Please join us.  If you can bring shovels, tarps, loppers, gloves, and if possible, snacks or drinks, it would add to the effort.  We plan to work until 2, or we get enough tree moving done for the day.  If you can only join us late, or for part of the day, that’s great, too.  If you have any expertise in transplanting trees or landscape design or maintenance we’d love to learn from you.

Please invite any friends or neighbors who might be interested even if just to see the P-Patch location and get acquainted with the project.  We need more community involvement and volunteers to make the garden happen this year.

We will also be holding similar work parties at 10 AM on two Sundays in June, 6/5 and 6/12.

Thanks and we hope to see you on Saturday if at all possible.

For the Construction Committee:

Jim Brewer

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