Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are still waiting for Guidance and so are Law Enforcement Authorities….

Peter Holmes

The Broadview Community Council’s program last evening was certainly a “hot off the press” event! About 50 individuals were on hand to hear City Attorney Pete Holmes talk about the current situation related to public safety and the growing number of medical marijuana dispensaries located nearby across our City and our County.

 Our local law enforcement was represented by Officer Travis Testerman, who is working on establishing an inventory of dispensaries, and our North Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator, Terrie Johnston. Terrie addressed the group about block watches, safety surveys, and our local crime statistics. Newly elected Judge Ed McKenna, a member of our Community Council, was also present.

 City Attorney Holmes talked about three principal priorities on this subject: public safety, the need for qualified patients to have safe access to medical marijuana, and the need for clarity for law enforcement officials.

 Our attendees included folks that still don’t understand the benefits of medical marijuana through to a whole younger set of individuals who are in the dispensing business or contemplating entering such a business and they are eager for answers and for guidance.

 Pete was able to announce that a letter was going out that very day to the Senate Majority Leader, the Speaker of the House, and the two minority party leaders from our King County Executive, Mayor, King County Prosecuting Attorney, and City Attorney. After the partial veto last month of SB 5073, they are asking that legislation be enacted before the special session underway right now is over to bring clarity to a very difficult situation for local governments.

 The letter urges action on SB 5955 which isn’t considered perfect but will provide the kind of clarity needed at the local level. Our Legislature is urged to enact this bill now.

 Not only was there a lengthy question-and-answer period but also many folks stayed for almost a half hour longer for informal discussion with our City Attorney and the other government officials present.

 Our next meeting isn’t until September, however, we are urging all to get involved in our Community Council and help us to work on our goals.

Here is a copy of the letter that was sent out.  Med Cannabis Letter_final

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