Viewlands Elementary School

New windows

Have you heard the news?  Viewlands Elementary School is opening this fall for grades K-5!  If you have driven by the school, you know that the school has been an active construction site.  Viewlands is being completely renovated inside and out.  A design team for the school has been meeting and planning for the opening.  We are currently crafting a vision for the school that focuses on the environment and sustainability. The team is also reviewing applications and will be interviewing for staff next week.  There is a committee working with the district on landscape design.  The vision is to utilize the school grounds, Carkeek Park and other community sites to teach and reinforce concepts pertinent to the environment.  There will be before and after school care offered for families that are coming to Viewlands. 

 We will be hosting  “Meet and Greets” as the spring progresses and will offer a variety of activities designed for students, staff and families to get to know one another before the year begins.  In the meantime, feel free to  call me at (206)252-0397 or email me at  I am looking forward to being a vital part of the Broadview neighborhood.

Lisa Escobar

Principal, Viewlands Elementary School

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