Broadview/Bitter Lake/Haller Lake Neighborhood Plan Moves Along…

The Broadview/Bitter Lake/Haller Lake Neighborhood Plan Update project is moving forward with another meeting Wednesday evening, April 13. Meetings have been going on for about six months now held primarily at the Bitter Lake Community Center. The projected time span for completing the document will require about another 12 months of work on the part of all involved.

There are about a dozen members of the Neighborhood Advisory Committee and another four or five staff persons from the City’s Department of Neighborhoods and Department of Planning and Development that all meet regularly. Additionally, the City has hired public outreach liaisons who have conducted data-collection workshops with seniors and other occupants of rental housing in the area.

At this April meeting the committee was provided a 26-page “Phase I Draft Themes” document that was discussed in some detail. Three separate groups convened to talk about this package that also included information collected at the March 12 Community Workshop held at Broadview-Thompson Elementary.

Anyone who would like to follow the development of this plan can find information posted at . Meetings are open to the public and the next meeting is May 11 when Council Member Sally Clark will be visiting the work group.

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