What’s New at Bitter Lake P-Patch!

What’s New?

Design to Reality Meeting #6

When: Wednesday, April 20th, 6:30 pm
Where: Luther Memorial Church
13047 Greenwood Ave. N.
Fireside Room

* Our regular meeting time will be the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm at the Luther Memorial Church.

Please share your time and support to our much needed Bitter Lake P-Patch (corner of Linden Ave. N and 143rd ST).

If you’d like to bring a snack to share at this meeting, please do!

What We’ve Been Working On: Final Designs

Volunteers Needed:

Currently, we would like some extra help with making calls to people on our contact list to inform them about our meetings and events. Anyone interested in helping to outreach about this meeting to the contact list, please contact Gloria at gloriabutts@hotmail.com.

Also, we are looking for a Minutes/Secretary person. We would like someone to take notes and post meeting minutes to the listserv, as well as, pass updates along to our P-Patch website and facebook page.


  1. Executive committee formed!
    • Will deal with the details involved in organizing work parties and acquiring the materials necessary for making our garden a reality!
    • Anyone interested in helping find resources (labor and material), making decisions on final details, and organizing the actual work to happen is encouraged to join.
    • We will be meeting more frequently than the larger group and will be staying in a little tighter contact so we can do what needs to get done to make our garden a real place. Please contact Nick to get involved provo.nicholas@gmail.com

Next Steps:

  1. Fundraising!
    • Donations through the P-Patch Trust.
  2. Develop the rest of the open spaces around the reservoir
    • There will be community design meetings for the space this spring/summer. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Check here for updates.
  3. Find our group’s strenghts and resources!
    • Not just what our local business donation opportunities
    • How much labor can we organize from our community?
    • How much must we contract out?

Get Involved!

Interested? Subscribe to the Bitter Lake P-Patch Community Garden LISTSERV or contact Laura Raymond at the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods [Laura.Raymond@seattle.gov or 206-615-1787] to be included in the email discussion and/or add your name to the waiting list. (Your volunteer hours during planning will get you at the top of the waiting list for a garden plot.)

All of the above counts as volunteer hours to get your name on the top of the waiting list for a garden plot at the Bitter Lake P-Patch, breaking ground in 2011.   Questions, please contact, Stacey Brotherton at bitterlakeppatch@gmail.com

Now on Facebook!

*This information was provided by P-Patch Community Garden Program


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