Finally! Help for our ailing sewage and storm water infrastructure!

Broadview residents, please come out to the meeting with SPU this coming week. Wednesday night, April 6th starting at 6 p.m. at the Lutheran Memorial Church.  Seattle Public Utilities will be speaking to our community about the new focus of capital budget funding for our area.  They will discuss their short and long term plans to address Broadview’s sewage and storm water overflow problems.

 The SPU team will be on hand at 6 p.m., with a kiosk format, to discuss answer questions on a range of subjects.  The meeting will formally start at 6:30. At the end there will be a panel discussion and Q and A.

 Please come to this meeting and bring a neighbor or two; for us to solve these infrastructure problems will require that we work together on behalf of Broadview.

We have waited a long time for a commitment from the City.   Let’s hear that they have to say.  Please check it out on Wednesday night.

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