Broadview Viewlands School has a New Principal.

Dear families and students of Viewlands Elementary School,

It is with great enthusiasm that I write my first letter to you.  I am very excited about being your principal and I look forward to working with you to create a wonderful learning community that reflects your hopes, dreams and expectations for your child’s educational experience.

I bring many years of experience in public schools as a teacher and an administrator.  I have devoted my life to education as I believe it is the most important work I can do.  I believe in educating the whole child so that we have strong balanced leaders to move us forward into a sustainable future.  My favorite moments are visiting classrooms and participating in activities or teaching mini-lessons.  I am always amazed at the magic created in the classroom through the interactions between a student and a teacher. 

I have a strong background in elementary education, special education and bilingual education.  I look forward to sharing my expertise with an exceptional staff to ensure the success of all children at Viewlands Elementary School.  I am known as a collaborative and compassionate leader and I believe the partnership between families and communities are critical for the success of our children. 

As the mother of four children and the proud grandmother of a 20 month old granddaughter, I can honestly say I understand the importance of having a safe, positive school environment with a strong academic program.  I can assure you that we will work very hard to create the school community we all envision for our children.

 I am planning a time that we can get together and actually meet face to face this spring.  Stay tuned for details on our first “get together.”  I look forward to meeting you!

Take care.  Lisa Escobar

 A letter  from  Susan Enfield, Ed.D.,Interim Superintendent

I believe that Ms. Escobar will make an excellent match for the Viewlands learning community, given her extensive classroom experience and strong educational leadership. Ms. Escobar has been an administrator in the Seattle Public Schools since 2004.  She has been a principal at Nova, The Center School and is currently co-principal at Rainier Beach High School. Her administrative experience also includes an elementary school principalship and assistant principal positions at the middle school level. Ms. Escobar is known as a creative and compassionate leader who is passionate about children. She is a “hands on” principal who believes in educating the whole child.  She is an effective instructional leader that has high expectations yet works collaboratively with her staff to deliver an innovative, child-centered curriculum.  She believes strongly in the involvement of family and community partnerships to create a rich educational program where all students thrive.

 In addition to her service with Seattle Public Schools, she has been a classroom teacher at schools in Issaquah and districts in California.  Ms. Escobar taught general, special and bilingual education for several years at the elementary and secondary level and did her administrative internship at an elementary school.  She has a strong background in health, biology and chemistry with a passion for environmental science.  She believes strongly in creating a healthy school environment where students cultivate a love of learning and an awareness of their impact on the world around them.

 Ms. Escobar received her degree in health science with minors in chemistry and biology from Chico State University, California.  She has a master’s degree in special education from San Jose State University, where her focus was on engaging Spanish-speaking parents in the IEP (individualized education program) process. She received her administrative credential from Chico State.

I look forward to working with Ms. Escobar to build a positive learning community at Viewlands that supports the success of all students. She will be in touch with you to set up opportunities to meet and get to know her, and to be involved in planning for a very successful program.

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