North 143rd Sidewalk Project Update

A message from Seattle Department of Transportation Project Manager Therese Casper:

Just wanted to update you on the progress for the N 143rd Street sidewalk project.  SDOT is proceeding with designing a concrete sidewalk on the northside of N 143rd Street from 1st Ave NW to the existing asphalt walkway just west of Linden Ave N.

I will be contacting property owners along the street in the next month or two as building a new sidewalk typically involves repaving driveways, trimming / removing vegetation, and grade adjustments.  In addition, the new street width on N 143rd Street will be 25’ with parking on both sides of the street.  The narrowed street width will have a traffic calming benefit for the neighborhood and further enhance pedestrian safety.

Survey and potholing crews will be on-site in the next week or two to investigate some potential conflicts with utilities in the streets.  This is typical of our design process.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you have any additional questions at (206) 684-8764 or at


Thérèse Casper

Seattle Department of Transportation

(206) 684-8764

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  1. Wonderful news!
    Thanks to the hard work and tenacious advocacy of this project by Will Murray, Head of GAIN the Highland, and is on the Board of the Broadview Community Council.

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