Broadview Crime Alert

Broadview Crime Alert provided by Broadview Block watch Captains

Incident: Home break-in,
Time: before 6:45pm, February 16th
Place: Home on 12th Avenue NW, between NW 121St/122nd St

When the home owner returned around 6:45pm he noticed that his possessions had been re-arranged and packed up, nothing was taken, the police were notified and came to the home. The police stated that the burglar(s) likely entered by breaking a downstairs window and fled through the back door when the owner returned unexpectedly, or were otherwise spooked.  House break ins often occur during the daytime so please don’t hesitate to call 911 if you witness suspicious activity day or night.

Crime Prevention Tip of The Month

Protect against identity theft by being vigilant about the security of your mail.  Many identity thieves target home mailboxes and steal mail because it often contains valuable personal and financial information.

* Do not place outgoing mail in your home mailbox.  Deposit it directly in a secure mailbox.
* Install a locking mailbox to receive all incoming mail.
* Pick up new checks from the bank in person instead of having them mailed to you.
* Shred any pre-approved credit card applications delivered to your home.
* Stop mail delivery to your home when you are on vacation by using

From the King County Prosecuting Attorneys Office

Juvenile Serial Burglar is Nabbed:  State v. Dare:  17-year-old juvenile respondent Maxfield Dare is a notorious serial residential burglar and car thief whose modus operandi was to break into victims’ homes, steal things, then steal their cars.  At the end of his crime spree, he had racked up 14 separate felony cases involving residential burglary or motor vehicle theft charges.  Dare has pleaded guilty to felony charges in all 14 cases.  At sentencing, the PAO will seek the maximum sentence allowed under current juvenile sentencing laws — 14 months of confinement to the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (30 days for each of the 14 charges).  Dare is scheduled to be sentenced on February 9 at 9:00 a.m. in Judge Washington’s courtroom at the Juvenile Court Facility located near 12th and Alder.   DPAs Jennifer Worley and Jill Yamamoto handled much of the prosecution of this case.

Serial Burglar Sentenced:  State v. Orona:  Defendant Emily Orona pleaded guilty as charged to 10 counts of Residential Burglary and First Degree Trafficking in Stolen Property for her role in a two-month crime spree spanning multiple cities throughout King County.  On February 4, the defendant was sentenced to nearly six years in prison.  The prosecution of this case was handled by DPA Mafe Rajul, who currently leads the PAO’s Repeat Burglar Initiative (RBI).  RBI, launched in 2009, is designed to identify and target the most prolific burglars in King County by working one-on-one with police to build strong criminal cases, often “stacking” multiple charges in a single criminal prosecution in order to seek increased sentences against these prolific offenders.

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  1. Thank you for the crime info. Our mailbox is across the street on 105th… too far from our home. We decided to get a PO Box in Greenwood Post Office for our important mail. We wanted to make sure our credit card info is safe. Too bad we have to worry about our mail.

    • Thanks for your comment Sue. We purchased a locking mailbox 5 years ago after some mail thefts and a PO Box is also a good option.

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