Volunteer Opportunities at Carkeek Park

Love Carkeek Park?  Consider Volunteering!

 In light of the recent elimination of staff and program closures to Carkeek Park and its Environmental Learning Center, volunteers are even more crucial to the survival of the park and its ecosystem.

 Below are long-established volunteer groups who help preserve and improve our park.  

All welcome new members.  Descriptions and contacts are below:

 Carkeek Park Advisory Council (CPAC) 

CPAC is a group of neighbors, community members and volunteers who support and enjoy Carkeek Park.  CPAC works with Seattle Parks and Recreation in an advisory and supporting role to organize volunteer efforts.  Many in our community have contributed thousands of volunteer hours to improve the park in areas such as restoring salmon runs to Piper’s Creek, improving trails, restoring Piper’s Orchard, reforestation and many others.  

The council holds monthly business meetings, except during the summer.  Most council work is done by its committee members, who plan, organize and carry out volunteer activities. 

 —>  For more information or to volunteer, contact (206) 684-0877.

 Streams, Trails, and Reforestation Stewards (STARS)

If you enjoy Carkeek’s trail system, STARS volunteers are especially to thank!

Work parties are every 3rd Saturday of the month. 

–>  For more information or to volunteer, contact Dale Johnson at (206) 362-2980 or at    dalerayjohnson@comcast.net.

 Friends of Piper’s Orchard

Friends of Piper’s Orchard is a group of neighbors who love Piper’s Orchard in Carkeek Park.   Together they work with Seattle Parks and the Carkeek Park Advisory Council to preserve and restore the orchard.  The Friends of Pipers Orchard web page fosters community 

support for Piper’s Creek Orchard by sharing information about the orchard.

—>  For more information or to volunteer, contact Bob Baines at rbaines@q.com or volunteer online at pipersorchard@gmail.com.

 Master Foresters

Master Foresters is a class for beginning foresters that addresses the very basics of forest restoration:  Species knowledge (summer and winter characteristics), invasive removal, planting and monitoring, and knowledge of the tools and work technique involved.  The class is primarilarly for neighborhood residents who wish to become Forest Stewards in Carkeek Park, but open places can be filled with city-wide participants.  A requirement is being able-bodied, as being a Forest Steward is a physically demanding hobby.  

 UPCOMING 2011 CLASS:  Carkeek Park Forest Stewards Lex Voorhoeve and Loren McElvain, possibly joined by Seattle Parks and Recreation Naturalist Brian Gay, consider starting a Master Foresters Class in July 2011.  The project still needs approval from Seattle Parks Department.  The class would run over 12 Saturdays between July 2011 and February 2012, from 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM.  Cost is $40.

—>  For more information or to volunteer, contact Lex Voorhoeve lemar@w-link.net or at (206) 706-1009.

Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project (CWCAP)

CWCAP currently sponsors the following programs:  Salmon Feeders, Salmon Count Program, Salmon Stewards, Beach Docents, Demonstration Garden Volunteers, Earth Day and Salmon Celebration.

—>  For more information or to volunteer, contact Nancy Malmgren at (206) 363-4116.

Weekday Workers (WEWO)

WEWO focuses on special planting and plant care projects, with the help of volunteers who are  available during the week.  The work varies as needs arise in Carkeek Park.  Typical activities are planting, invasive removal and clearing blocked trails.

—>  For more information or to volunteer, contact Loren McElvain at (206) 782-7617

or at l.j.mcelvain@gmail.com.

Friends of Llandover Woods (FoLW)

FoLW is dedicated to preserving Llandover Woods in NW Seattle and is currently working on a forest restoration plan created collaboratively with Seattle Urban Nature.   FoLW also participates in the Green Seattle Partnership (GSP) program.  The group holds regular work parties every 2nd Sunday of the month, year round.  These are also listed in both the Green Seattle Partnership Event’s web page and Seattle Parks and Recreation Volunteer calendar.  

—>  For more information or to volunteer, contact Glenn Austin at (206) 364-9252 or at gaustin@path.org.

Service Learning Credits

Carkeek Park Caretakers welcome school and youth groups!  Service Learning Credits can be earned for any of the volunteer activities at Carkeek Park.  Please be sure to let the volunteer coordinator for your project know about your need for service learning credits.

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    I volunteer with the Meridian Park over the school year and was wondering if there were any volunteer opportunities at Carkeek Park to work with kids over the summer.


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