Christ the King honors Fallen Brothers Seattle

Sid Andrews speaks at Christ the King School

It’s Catholic Schools Week across the nation.  As part of Catholic Schools Week, Christ the King Catholic School in Broadview honored Sid and Hilda Andrews of Fallen Brothers Seattle for their dedication to helping those in need.  Recently, CKS had an all-school nonperishable food drive donating all the food collected to Fallen Brothers Seattle.   Fallen Brothers Seattle is a non-profit corporation (501c3) that has collected over 100,000 pounds of food for shelters and food banks in 2009 alone.

Fallen Brothers Seattle, founded by Sid and Hilda Andrews, assists others wherever needed, focusing especially on the needs of our nations’ veterans, their families and our communities.  Over 56% of the people they feed are veterans and/or their families.

Every dollar donated enables Fallen Brothers to support their veterans program and to gather food from local merchants and deliver to various charities.  Cash donations keep their freezers running and their trucks on the road.  Food donations help to feed those that need it the most.

Their mission is to honor and help support our troops and veterans organizations.  They also help supply food to food banks and other feeding programs by gathering surplus food from local merchants.  Some of the charities they help includes:  The Ballard Food Bank, The Volunteers of America’s Greenwood Food Bank, The Compass Cascade Women’s Shelter, Bethesda Lutheran Church, and Tent City.

 If you are interested in helping Fallen Brothers Seattle, please contact their website at

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