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  1. I am a graduate of Ingraham in the late 70’s. I loved that school. I was in the neighborhood today, and decided to stop by- just to be there and to remember and consider the classes I had and my teachers and classmates…. I haven’t followed this story in detail, but walked around the campus a bit, including the west side. I was very saddened to see these majestic trees fallen. How old were they-many probably early 20th century or before!
    I JUST now read that this happened to replace the portables?!! Instead rebuild the portables- where they stand now! Worried about safety? What? Is this a worry about vehicle traffic in the south parking lot, and students “crossing over” to get to class? Unbelievable! The SSD fella says, “The voters voted for it.” If they knew, they’d have said rebuild the portables where they are, or figure it out! Don’t cut down the trees. Cutting down 30 is no compromise! It’s a shame. As I walked around that west side of the campus briefly this afternoon, I saw the trees and could smell that they were cut down recently. I did a little online search to find out if there was any specific information about this, and indeed, it was yesterday they were taken down. It was very sad to see what I saw today- January 30th! I could go on here, but won’t.

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