Lost Dog in Broadview


We lost our new dog last Thursday.  She is a rescue from Adopt-A-Pet that we got last week. On Thursday, I left for a doctor’s appointment and left her in our fenced yard.  She must have jumped the 5.5 ft fence as I could not find anywhere that she would have dug to get out.  She is used to the country and running loose.  I spotted her at the Highlands as she ran onto the golf course.  She ran off and we lost her.  I kept looking for a couple of hours after dark.  She was spotted again in the Highlands on Saturday night, Sunday morning and Tuesday (yesterday) evening.

  She is wearing a purple collar with a red tag. Not chipped or licensed yet (we just got her). She is about 3 years old, 55lbs. Australian Shepherd and Malamute or Husky mix. Blonde/cream in color. 

  She looks very close to the dog in the photo  (our former dog).

Please call Tim: 206 214-7884 cell Or 206 367-3363


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  1. She was seen at the end of NW 122nd St on Sunday morning at a house overlooking the bluff. She may be traveling along the railway. -Tim

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