Broadview Community Council Meeting

If you missed the meeting here are the minutes from  January 18, 2011

Dale Johnson opened the meeting at 6:35pm and introduced Pat McCoy as Interim President.  Pat commended Dale for his 7 years of service as President.  Janice Burnell in turn introduced Bill Hobson, Executive Director of the Downtown Emergency Service Center, our featured speaker.

Mr. Hobson

 Low Income Housing Facilities in Broadview,

the site of the current Cyndy’s House of Pancakes

Mr. Hobson spoke about the programs DESC has in the area; 3 sites that provide 300 shelter beds downtown and 8 projects with 800 units providing clinical support to the residents.  The project in our neighborhood will be 87 units for mentally disabled adults with retail shops on the main floor.  They will be provided mental health and drug/alcohol abuse treatment by medical personnel including ARNPs, advanced nurse practitioners.  There will be 17 staff and some will be available 24/7 to supervise and care for the residents. They will strive for social and clinical stability of the residents.  Closed circuit TV observation and strict rules must be followed.  These include signing a lease.  The front door will be locked and visitors strictly monitored.  They must be good neighbors with no panhandling, drugs, alcohol, etc.  The manager is required to be involved with the neighborhood. He/she would learn of the ways in which the residents could interact with the community.  Any community concerns would dealt with by the manager. The design process is moving along and construction should start the end of the summer. A question about a roof garden—it may be allowed but would be monitor for noise and safety and with limited hours.  Other issues—-alcohol is legal and will be monitored; residents may work (probably day labor) but only10% do; prescribed medicines will be administered by staff; no known sex predators will be allowed; a committee will assess the vulnerability of the residents as that is the criteria for admission.  The funding is mainly through federal housing programs.  A UW study of the downtown facility for chronic alcoholics found that $4 million in ER costs were saved by having them housed there.  A warm applause followed his address.

 Linden Complete Street Project—Dale informed us that full funding had been awarded.

 Neighborhood Planning—Richard Dyksterhuis listed the members from Broadview—Gloria Butts, Fran Clifton, Susan Eastman Jensen and himself.  He urged those present to encourage people in the community especially renters to join us in our efforts.

 Bitter Lake Reservoir Park– Pat said $287,000 had been awarded for improving the area around the reservoir.  It should be final in Feb or Mar.

 Safety-Will Murray reported that 5000 pairs of socks were donated for the homeless and a large sum of money for the food bank.  Object is to fight crime and fight the fear of crime.  A recent fire was caused by a portable heater so be careful using them and have working smoke detectors.

 Blog and Sewer Task Force—Sue George said our area has been upgraded to # 1 from #10 for funding to fix the sewers.  Part of this is due to the publicity on our blog and that we were ready this time.  We took pictures of the damage and other news –TV,etc—passed on the information. She also made a pitch for everyone to invite new members to join us. Look what working together has done!!  There will be future meeting in March with SPU

 P-Patch—Gloria Butts said we need help especially a back hoe so pass the word.  They hope to break ground in the spring.  She made a motion, seconded by Will Murray, to join  Bitter Lake Community Club to celebrate Neighborhood Appreciation Day on February 12, Saturday at 11am.  The motion passed.

 Pat adjourned the meeting at 8pm, thanking all who came.

Janice Burnell, Secretary

3 Comments on “Broadview Community Council Meeting”

  1. I want to congratulate Sue George and all those who worked to get the neighborhood moved up on the priority list for sewer and drainage work. That is no small feat. Lots of persistent work made that happen. Excellent.

  2. I have been working on some ideas for homeless habitat and wonder how I can get involved in development of a project as a
    volunteer. I am a retired person with lots
    of knowledge and a little energy.

    How do I get started?

    • Robert,

      Thanks for your reply and interest in volunteering. I will bring your question up with the Broadview Commnunity Council Board on Tuesday. Please email me at and we can discuss ongoing service projects in the neighborhood.

      Will Murray

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