Linden Ave. N Improvements Funded, Utility Work Starts Soon

Full funding to complete improvements in the Linden Ave. N Complete Streets Project was included in the 2011-2012 Capital Improvement Plan proposed by Mayor McGinn and approved by Seattle City Council in November.  This is a significant milestone for our neighborhood!  Improving Linden is the number one priority in our 1999 Neighborhood Plan, and is finally poised to become a reality.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) project team has updated its website for the project.  As noted there, Seattle City Light will start work on relocating light poles soon, in order to be ready for actual street construction work later in 2011 and 2012.  As the design for the whole corridor from N 128th St. to N 145th St. is updated with detail SDOT will inform the local community.

3 Comments on “Linden Ave. N Improvements Funded, Utility Work Starts Soon”

  1. This is great! If you don’t mind, I’d love to be the design police on this one.

    I hope that the design does not include any type B curbcuts and that instead the sidewalks stay level and don’t dip down at driveways. Also, a full minimum 6′ wide concrete sidewalk is essential. I expect that they will use the entire right of way all the way to the private property lines and not try and make the buffers narrow, etc. in order to not use the whole right of way. Trees in 5′ planting strips need to be small, so watch for this. Planting big trees in 5′ strips busts up the sidewalks which nobody needs.

    I don’t see a point of contact at SDOT for this project. Does anyone know who that person is?

  2. Connie Zimmerman is the project manager. Her email is listed at the bottom of the website for the project (see link in post).

  3. This is indeed great news. This small portion of the Interurban trail is a bit like the wild west and I hope that this work will provide a bit of traffic cclaming in addition to much needed sidewalks for the many seniors in the area. Great job to all those that made this happen!

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