Salmon in the Classroom to End

An important component of environmental education at Carkeek Park, and other locations, is being terminated due to budget cuts at the State Department of Fish and Wildlife.  As reported in the Seattle Times, the budget changes voted in the recent special session of the state legislature removed funding for the program.

You may have seen the bus loads of school children at Carkeek Park each spring, learning how the salmon fry from their shcool fit into the larger environment and cycle of life.  Unless some other source of funding is identified this program will end soon.

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  1. So sorry to hear about this long running and successful program ending due to budget cuts by our legislature. I recommend reading the whole Seattle Times Article. My kids participated when they were in elementary school: it was a wonderful opportunity to teach hands on science and install a wonderful sense of our fragile environmental. I worry about our priorities and the education of children and future generation of citizens.

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