Broadview SDOT Project Links

It was great to hear from Peter Hahn, Director of Seattle Department of Transportion at our Broadview Community Council on Tuesday November 16.  Below are links to the projects that were discussed  as well as links to some of SDOT programs.

Linden Avenue North Complete Streets Project

 Aurora Traffic Safety Project

 North 143rd Street Safety Improvement Project

 Neighborhood Traffic Operations (Traffic Calming – speed bumps, traffic circles, radar speed signs, chicanes, etc).  Also attached to this email message is a PDF detailing the painted intersection process that was briefly discussed at the meeting.

 Crosswalk Requests and Evaluation Criteria

 Sidewalk Development Program

 Community grants available for transportation improvement projects including sidewalks

Neighborhood Projects Fund (projects up to $90k)

 Large Neighborhood Street Fund (generally funds projects up to $500k)

  If you have any questions about the these projects or programs email  Jim Curtin at  Also keep in mind that Jim Curtin at SDOT is to connect residents and communities with the services offered by SDOT.  He can assist in the development of proposals for pedestrian safety, traffic calming and other transportation-related improvements and help write proposals for community grants.

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