Turkey Day

It’s that time of year again….Turkey Day.  My family is a large one so eight years can pass without having to cook a turkey.  In previous years I’ve had smoked dry turkey, organic free range turkey, Whole Foods precooked turkey, Martha Stewart turkey 101….on and on. The list is a long one.  

Now, this year it’s my turn to ‘do the bird.’ What to do?  I must confess that I’m a perfectionist and I still haven’t located the perfect turkey recipe.  I went through all my cook books but nothing appeals to me.  Out of desperation I called a friend who lives in Ca.  Nellie is one of the best cooks I know and usually has 40+ people over every Thanksgiving.  In human terms that’s two turkeys plus a ham and she also prepares most of the side dishes. After a friendly chat she emailed me this recipe.  

So for all you out there stuck with turkey duty here’s her favorite recipe.* Turkey Recipe   The only thing I will add is sage leaves under the skin to make this recipe my own. Thank you Nellie

If you have a family turkey recipe that is moist and flavorful send it by Nov 19th, I’ll post it with your name.

 After I stuff myself with turkey, mashed potatoes and various pies on Thanksgiving I’ll go for a much needed walk in Broadview with the thought of “Thank god I don’t have to make turkey for another eight years.”

email me at: sgeorge@broadviewseattle.org

* Janet fietcher Bon Appetit Nov. 1999

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