City Council May Restore Neighborhood Coordinators

At the City Council Budget Committee meeting on November 4th an amendment to the proposed budget was discussed.  It proposes to restore 5 neighborhood district coordinator positions, at 80% of full time.  Some of the funding would come from having all 12 of the coordinators at 80% of full time.  Another amendment would reduce the funding for administrative costs at the Department of Neighborhoods.  One of  the 5 positions proposed to be  restored would be our neighborhood coordinator at the Greenwood Service Center, Beth Pflug.

Here is a link to the amendment restoring 5 positions.  Here is the amendment reducing administrative costs.  The discussion at the Budget Committee meeting is in this video, from about minute 14 to minute 23.

Final decisions on amendments to the proposed budget will be made at Budget Committee meetings next week.   Nothing is final until those decisions are made, but typically once amendments have been discussed at the Budget Committee discussion of options meetings they pass in the final round of decisons.

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