Sunflowers Sprout on Aurora!

Aurora Mural

SDOT and Washington Traffic Safety Officials unveil Aurora mural October 16th 2010

The Aurora Traffic Safety Project together with Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors, Sustainable Green Lake and Epic Life Church recently unveiled a 10’ x 50’ mural at 102nd and Aurora at the North Park Grocery. According to a press release from SDOT:

“The project was created to help Aurora gain a competitive edge in tough economic times by making improvements along Aurora Avenue; to attract attention to the business district; to improve public perceptions of Aurora; to encourage consumers to come to Aurora for their shopping needs; and to improve the sustainability and safety of the neighborhood by contributing to the walk ability and bikability of the neighborhood business district.”

Artists from Bherd studios and Matamuros were commissioned to paint the mural with funding provided by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Washington Traffic Safety Commission and community volunteer hours as a match.

‘Splash of color brings life to grim spot’ Seattle Times

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  1. Thank you for posting the mural. I heard about it but I haven’t seen it. A little of suummer year round and I love why they did it.

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