Here is a person who brings meaningful ideas to our community.

This article was on the web-site. I thought I would share this with our community.  Richard is a strong activist with a big heart.

“Richard Dyksterhuis, a retired school teacher and principal, has been working for years with other neighborhood advocates on improving the walking environment in Bitter Lake and beyond. Recent housing developments have brought many more residents to the neighborhood, and there is also a large senior population in the area.

The Linden “Complete Streets” project (a project that serves all modes of transportation) exists in the nexus of a community center, new development, and a connection to the Interurban Trail. It will include new sidewalks, bike facilities, and a better roadway for everyone.”

 Richard has worked long and hard enough for filmmaker Monteith McCollum to take notice and feature Richard and his activism in part of the documentary, “A Different Path.”

A great video.


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