Last night Broadview Community Meeting


Councilwoman Jean Godden

An audience of about 40 neighbors gathered last evening to hear about the City of Seattle’s budget process from Jean Godden, Chair of the City Council’s Finance and Budget Committee. After a brief summary of where we are in the process at this point, Jean took questions from the audience about issues specifically related to our neighborhood. There was concern expressed about the Citywide focus on bicycle lanes while we don’t have sidewalks and sewers that are really user friendly. Councilwoman Godden did her best to field all the questions and encouraged the audience to attend the remaining budget hearing and get in touch with other Council members to make their concerns known. 

 Other topics included the lamented loss of our Northwest Neighborhood Service Center site and staff person when we are entering the Neighborhood Plan updating process as one of two neighborhoods in the City selected by the Mayor. Oversight from the Department of Neighborhoods and the Department of Planning and Development  will be affected by layoffs. Concern was also expressed about the loss of Crime Prevention staff from our Police Department. Unfortunately, that case was further underscored by the breaking glass in the parking lot that included Councilwoman Godden’s car! We are all very sorry that this happened in our church meeting place’s parking lot.

Ed Mckeena


 Also Ed McKenna was there  a long-time Senior Assistant City Attorney.   A community prosecutor, Ed works with police, business owners and community leaders to resolve disputes and help prevent crimes before they happen . 

Ed is running for the seat currently held by Judge Edsonya Charles, the presiding judge on the Municipal Court.

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