Harvesting Honey in Broadview Neighborhood

 The process begins by removing the wax cappings that the bees place on each cell once the honey has cured to their satisfaction. After the cells are opened, the frames are placed into a centrifugal extractor, three at a time. The extractor is then cranked by hand for several minutes to extract the honey from the cells. The extracted honey then flows to the bottom of the extracting tank, where it will be released through a small gate at the bottom. The only processing that we do to our honey is to run it through a fine mesh filter to strain out any leftover wax and other solids prior to placing it into individual jars to share with our friends and family.

 After all of the hard work is complete, we end the day with a wonderful meal featuring fresh baked cornbread – there is nothing better than your very own fresh honey, drizzled on home made corn bread still warm from the oven!

We owe all of this to our wonderful bees. Their hard work is difficult to even imagine and we are lucky that we are able to share the rewards in exchange for a nice place for them to live.

Thank you to all our neighbors who planted bee friendly flowers and didn’t use yucky pesticides.  

2 Comments on “Harvesting Honey in Broadview Neighborhood”

  1. What a wonderful endeavor–congratulations and thank YOU, bee-keeping neighbors, for bringing them to our community. I’m sure they helped our veggie garden and still visit our lavender shrubs. I had wondered where so many of these healthy bees had been coming from…

  2. We have so many bees in our yard….with all those bees the flowers exploded with beauty! Thank you bee keepers!

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