Viewlands Elementary Re-opening

I asked Peter Maier, Seattle School Board Director for District 1, for an update on the re-opening of Viewlands Elementary.  Peter e-mailed me that there will be a school design team for Viewlands like for the other three schools, but it hasn’t formed as of yet. It will probably be formed in October.  
Peter went on to state that the School Board approved the contract for the construction work at Viewlands and that the work should begin soon.  Sand Point Elementary re-opened this fall on time, and he expects the same for Viewlands.  Peter is working with the Seattle Council PTSA to see if a PTSA can be formed by in-coming Viewlands parents this year so that it is up and running by next fall. Any parent (for example of Viewlands Kindergartner who is at Broadview this year and will be in first grade at Viewlands next year) who is interested in the design team or the PTSA can contact Peter at

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