Walkers need sidewalks, bicycles need designated paths ….

The Broadview Community Council had endorsed the completion of Vital Streets in Broadview-Bitter Lake-Haller Lake from the 1999 Plan.

Vital Streets are the connecting streets that help form a community of users from all forms of transportation.

 Walkers need sidewalks, bicycles need designated paths or sharrows and buses need space and stops. We do want to have  “complete streets”: curbs, drainage, planting strips and sidewalks. Pedestrian and Street lighting built in.

  We want development on the Vital Connecting Streets and Avenues.

These Streets are; NW North NE 105th, 115th, 125th, 130th, 143rd, and 145th.

The Avenues are: 3rd NW, Greenwood Avenue North, Linden Avenue North, Aurora Avenue North, Meridian Avenue NE, and Ist Avenue NE.

 Vital Streets allow all users to transport themselves safely and within an aesthetic, calming, environment.

Connections to the Library, the Community Center, to Thomson Broadview, Ingraham and Northgate, Lakeside and other private schools. Connections to Metro Bus Stops and to Bitter Lake Play fields and the Reservoir Open Space.

Connections to the swimming pool and to North Acres Park. Connections to all of the commercial cores.

 Connections that allow us to walk and talk, pause and chat, meet and greet in a safe, sane and wondrous way. People to  People.

2 Comments on “Walkers need sidewalks, bicycles need designated paths ….”

  1. I agree! The only way we can have a safe, walkable and sustainable community is to first get the necessary infrastructure to make a connected community. Support these efforts and send a quick note to the mayor and city council members.

  2. Live in Nebraska for 10 years now. I know for a fact you cant go ANYWHERE if you are walking!!! Seriouly, we pay out taxes and yet hardly have the resources to build sidewalks?!! pisses me off !

    The State of Nebraska should do something! it is getting ridiculous.

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