Sidewalks Coming to North 143rd

Mayor McGinn announced this evening that North 143rd will have 3200 square feet of sidewalks constructed as part of eleven city wide Neighborhood Street Fund Projects. The North 143rd safety improvement project, supported by the Broadview Community Council and ranked as the highest priority project by the North West District Council will construct a 6′ asphalt walkway with a concrete curb on the north side of 143rd from Linden Avenue west to Palatine. A portion of the project area is in the Bitter Lake Hub Urban Village and will serve seniors, Broadview Thompson students, disabled neighbors, cyclists and transit riders. North 143rd is posted 20 mph although motorist often travel 35-40mph so residents are  seeking traffic calming and spaces for cyclist as part of the project. The cost estimate for the project is $655,000 with some funding coming from the Bridging the Gap Fund.

Here’s a link to the project description  And below a video of the Neighborhood Street Fund announcement, at Ravenna Ave. NE, which also had a NSF project awarded.  .  Video by Dale Johnson.

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  1. WOW–this is fabulous news! Congrats to all the neighbors who made this happen. I hope we can get more sidewalks along our Broadview arterials. (My personal wish is for ones installed on 125th between Aurora and Greenwood.)

    • Janet, Thanks for your comment. North 125th has been nominated for street funds for the past several years and the North side of the street is basically a ditch going down to the Interurban Trail. 125th was also mentioned in the 1999 Neighborhood Plan to have curbs and sidewalks from Densmore to 3rd NW.


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