Traffic Control Needed at N 143rd & Linden !

Here is a video of the unsafe intersection at N 143rd St. and Linden Ave. N.  We have asked the Seattle Department of Transportation to install, at a minimum, stop bars, and preferraby a stop light.   The drivers who do not stop make this a very unsafe intersection for the many pedestrians, bicyclists, disabled people and bus riders.

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  1. Dale,

    Thanks for bringing this up. I wanted to add that North 143rd is a designated “SAFE WALKING ROUTE TO SCHOOLS” as designated by the Seattle School District for Broadview Thompson students that live within a mile.
    North 143rd for the most part is devoid of sidewalks, narrow at 18′ FOR 2 lanes and cars routinely travel 35mph plus despite marked 20mph speed limit.

  2. The AAMA has been trying since 1995 to get a traffic light at 143rd – It is part of our Aurora Plan however both WSDOT and SDOT seem to continue to ignore the necessity of
    a traffic light at that intersection claiming it is too close to 145th light.
    Whatever help the community groups can give
    would be appreciated.

    • Faye,

      Thanks for your comment. Was the AAMA request for a traffic light on Aurora and 143rd? It’s nearly impossible to turn left off of 143rd at Aurora a traffic signal would be helpful.


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