Firewood on the Move

A homeowner in Broadview heard a loud crash 10:30 AM on 2nd and NW 105th. Investigating the sound the owner finds a firewood delivery truck in the yard. The truck was delivering wood across the street. The driver was not inside the truck when it started rolling across the street, crashing through the fence and hitting the house.

The homeowner feels sad that her antique birdbath was between the home and the truck but feels very lucky that no one was hurt.

1 Comments on “Firewood on the Move”

  1. I feel for the homeowner; thank goodness no one was hurt! I must ask- did the homeowner get to keep the wood? I think a ritual bonfire to exorcise the evil spirits would be in order.

    Finally, if our neighborhood had real sidewalks and curbs, would this still have happened?

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