Two Missing Cats

Earlier this Summer a resident on North 144th was awakened at 3AM by three Raccoons inside their house who had gained entry through a pet door. The resident’s Brown and Black tabby cat is now missing along with a small long hair cat named Miss Chiff or Chiffer from the same neighborhood. In the same area last week a small dog was attacked by a Mother Raccoon at 5PM as neighbors fought off the Raccoon with a rake and a garbage can. The Raccoons were filmed in a neighbor’s tree after the incident:
 In North Broadview Neighbors have lost pets to Coyotes in years past. Even in the most urban of settings, Raccoons live side-by-side with humans.  Most of the time we aren’t even aware that they are there.  One lesson to be learned from these horrible incidents are that we should not take the safety of our surroundings for granted.
Follow these tips to prevent conflicts with Raccoons this time of year while mothers and babies are out looking for food:
    * Before you let your pet outside quickly check your yard for Raccoons or other animals. Think of it as similar to looking both ways before crossing the road.
    * Securely cover your compost and garbage cans.
    * Feed pets inside or bring in the dishes immediately after pets are finished eating.
    * Close and lock pet doors at night.
    * Harvest ripe fruit and vegetables and pick up fallen fruits right away.

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