At it’s regular monthly meeting last night, this group of about 18 citizens met to discuss the status of projects undertaken with Levy funds to date, learn about the need for additional funding for a major project in Belltown, and receive the funding recommendations of the Department’s staff for this year’s Opportunity Fund projects. Staff presented a visual package showing each of about a dozen proposals for which they recommend funding and another dozen that they said was “on the bubble.”

Our request for approximately $387,000 to upgrade our Bitter Lake Reservoir open space wasn’t among the staffs’ recommendations. The only investment in our Broadview/BitterLake/Haller Lake area proposed by staff would be to purchase a small piece of land that would bring about “Carkeek Park Unification” for $240,000.

In speaking with a Department of Parks and Recreation staff person this morning, we learned that all of the 95 proposing groups will have an opportunity to make a two-minute pitch to the Oversight Committee in June. We’ll most likely do so and

In the meantime, our stalwart hard-working Richard Dyksterhuis, after reviewing the recommended projects, had this to say:

It looks like Old Seattle wins out again. SDOT – Utilities – City Light -Safety and now Parks. If it is below 85th Street  the  real, lots of dollars, flow to areas existing prior to 1954.

 Someday we will be acknowledged as being part of Seattle.

I still think we should elect our Councilmembers by District. Our 55,000 residents above NW – N NE to 145th must have a Councilmember looking after our multiple, long negelcted needs for fairness and equity. King County has districts; the House in DC has Districts; even the School District has sub-districts.

Our 56 years without a designated thinker, negotiater and spokesperson must come to a representative solution.

 Follow the money! It does not go to Lesser Outer Seattle North and Northwest.

 Happy, but very careful, Walks!

Richard L. Dyksterhuis

 Will keep you posted…

Pat Mccoy, Broadview Community Council Board

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