Event on Housing Affordability and Livability in Our Neighborhood


The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, in collaboration with other City departments, is seeking feedback on a new program to create affordable housing in our neighborhoods and, more specifically, on the proposed zoning changes required to make that happen.  We will be hosting feedback events throughout the city over the next several months and you are invited to participate!

In our Neighborhood the event is: Saturday Dec 3rd, 2016 from 10:00AM to 12:00PM 

Location: Bitter Lake Community Center  13035 Linden Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

City Departments present will be:
• Parks and Recreation – Development Plan
• Transportation (SDOT) – Bus Rapid Ride
• Transportation (SDOT) / Construction and Inspections (SDCI) – Parking Reform
• Office of Sustainability and the Environment (OSE)
• Ethics + Elections – Democracy Vouchers
• Human Services Division – Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

Contact: Jesseca Brand

Phone: 206.733.9982

email: Jesseca.brand@seattle.gov

A Great Loss to Our Broadview Neighborhood

This was copy from CWCAP: Nancy R. Malmgren, Founder and Director of CWCAP, 1929-2016 It is with awe, reflection, and sadness that we join the community in marking the passing of Nancy Malmgren. During her time with the Girl Scouts at Carkeek Park, a visionary plan developed to rehabilitate, clean up and bring back the salmon. …

District 5 Budget Wins

        Debora Juarez Seattle City Council, District Five Hello, On November 21, 2016 the Seattle City Council voted 8-1 to approve the 2017-2018 City Budget. Reviewing and approving the city budget is one of the most important responsibilities of the City Council. I am pleased to report that, due to strong community…

Broadview Community Council-Tuesday Evening

Broadview Community Council-Tuesday evening Nov 15th from 6:30 to 8:30pm.  It will be held at the Luther Memorial Church at 13047 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle.  The will be discussing a variety of topics including:  revisions to the bylaws, recruiting officers and board members, updates from Bitterlake, update on Safe on Third projects, report on Northwest District Council…

Message from the Mayor

Message from the Mayor Tuesday night concluded one of the most divisive election seasons of our time. It is now time to come together as a nation and work toward positive change in our country and community. No matter your political leanings, we must overcome our differences and continue our work for an inclusive, equitable,…

Broadview Vote Box open till 8:00PM on Election Day

Our Vote Box is at our Broadview Library on 130th and Greenwood.  You need to drop off your ballot by 8:00 PM on election day, the latest. Yes, they even have people directing traffic. Thanks Amy for the Facebook picture. This has been a very stressful campaign for all of us! Have fun tomorrow last…

We asked 86 burglars how they broke into homes.

WHAT BURGLARS SAID WERE THE BIGGEST DETERRENTS, WHAT DIDN’T STOP THEM AND HOW YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR HOME. By Kyle Iboshi, KGW News,  Portland, Ore. Do you ever wonder whether your home security system or “Beware of Dog” sign actually keeps burglars away? We did too. So KGW’s investigative team sent letters to 86 inmates…

Compass Project Design Review on Greenwood

PROJECT 3024798   DESCRIPTION  The proposal is to allow a 63,000 sq. ft. residential building with 59 units and 23 parking spaces. MEETING Date:               Monday, November 7, 2016 Time:               8:30 p.m. Location:         Ballard Community Center 6020 28th Ave NW Sunset/Captain Ballard Room All meeting facilities are ADA compliant. Translators or interpreters provided upon request. Please contact the Public Resource Center…

Seattle Budget Discussions are Going on Now

BUDGET DISCUSSION: FIRST IMPRESSIONS From SCC Insight, 10/24/2016 KEVINSCH The Council has finished its first round of discussions on the budget. Time for some Monday-evening quarterbacking. The discussions happened in a series of meetings last week and today. For each department, the Council’s staff led them through issues as well as a list of Council members’…

Carkeek Park Salmon Seeson!

Fall is here, and salmon are returning to streams and rivers around Puget Sound. Watch for these natural beauties at viewing sites listed here – and cheer them on if you see them! See hundreds of returning chum and coho make their way into Piper’s Creek at Carkeek Park throughout November and December. On weekends…